Cloth diapers washing instructions: Wash cloth diapers in 4 steps

Wash cloth diapers in 4 easy steps

Washing cloth diapers is not a science! However, there are a few things you should keep in mind. With our 4-step washing instructions that you can print yourself, you can make your laundry child's play!

Step 1: Diaper fleece

The breast milk and formula stool is water soluble and the
Used diaper can go straight into the washing machine. You have to remove the complementary feeding chair before washing: throw the large item into the toilet using a diaper fleece, the fleece goes into the trash can.

Step 2: Storing Cloth Diapers

Store used cloth diapers so that plenty of air can reach them: Use
a wetbag or a bucket with a pail liner (laundry bag). Close beforehand
All Velcro fasteners, then the diapers can be put directly out of the wetbag
the washing machine.

Step 3: Prewash + Main Wash

Run a wash cycle at 800 to 1200 revolutions every 2-3 days. Avoid fabric softeners, chlorine bleach, or stain removers. Wash the absorbent core at 60 degrees after wearing it. You only wash the overpants when they are dirty and ideally in a laundry net at 40 to max. 60 degrees to protect the PUL membrane. Choose a pre-wash cycle: This will allow the insoles to soak up water well.

Step 4: Drying

To protect your insoles, air dry them. If it's quick
If you want it to work, you can also use a dryer. Anything made from PUL shouldn't
in the sun or in the dryer to protect the membrane. stains
can be left behind with cloth diapers, although this is exclusively the case here
it's a visual problem. Hot tip: put the insoles (not the
PUL overpants) in the sun and the stains disappear.

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