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Are you looking for cloth diaper advice or would you like to rent cloth diapers? Find out where you can find a cloth diaper consultant or rental and test packages for Lunakind cloth diapers and prepare yourself optimally for the sustainable use of cloth diapers. Discover helpful tips and advice for a successful cloth diaper journey.

Cloth diaper consultants

Role, training and how to find it

What does a cloth diaper consultant do?

A cloth diaper consultant is a qualified professional who helps parents learn about and use cloth diapers successfully. Your tasks include:

  • Individual consultation: The consultant offers personal consultations or workshops to understand parents' needs and help them choose the right cloth diaper options.
  • Transfer of knowledge: It provides information about different cloth diaper systems, materials, washing methods and care tips to give parents the knowledge they need to use cloth diapers successfully.
  • Problem solving: If there are problems or questions, the counselor is available to assist parents and offer support in solving problems such as fit, leaks or skin irritation.

How is a cloth diaper consultant trained?

Training to become a cloth diaper consultant usually includes comprehensive training in various aspects of cloth diaper use. This includes:

  • Theoretical knowledge: The consultant learns about the different types of cloth diapers, materials, manufacturers and advantages and disadvantages of different systems.
  • Hands-on Training: You will receive hands-on experience using cloth diapers, including application, cleaning, and care.
  • Certification: After completing the training, the consultant can take a certification exam to demonstrate their competence and expertise.

How do I find a cloth diaper consultant near me?

With a qualified cloth diaper consultant, you can get the knowledge and support you need to successfully use cloth diapers and make the best decision for your baby. In some cases, the costs for a cloth diaper consultation are even covered by health insurance companies!

To make it easier for you to find a cloth diaper consultant in your area, we have listed all the cloth diaper consultants who offer Lunakind in their consulting range and their rental and test packages.

Lunakind x cloth diaper advice

Here you will find, sorted by zip code, all the cloth diaper consultants who offer Lunakind cloth diapers in their consulting range or rental and test packages:

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  • 6311 Wildschönau (Tyrol)
  • Kirsten Schooner
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