About Us

Lunakind stands for high-quality and sustainable cloth diapers and diaper changing products. Our goal is that parents can enjoy the precious moments with their little miracles and act according to their needs: a baby time full of closeness and love!

Our values

What defines us

our mission

Our products are developed for modern families who place high demands on quality and aesthetics, which go hand in hand with functionality and sustainability. In a world characterized by fast-paced life, we support parents in enjoying the precious moments with their little miracles and in acting needs-oriented and sustainably. With timeless designs, we strive to create unique childhood memories. Simple, flexible and sustainable are the keywords that inspire our products.

our philosophy

Our roots lie in nature and we believe that our babies' needs have remained unchanged since the Stone Age: closeness, safety, security. These needs meet our modern world: Between the everyday challenges of work, household and family life, it is not always easy to do justice to everything. At Lunakind we want to support families in finding their individual path with their children. For us it's not just about products, but about a philosophy of life that helps every family experience happy moments.

Our sustainability strategy

At Lunakind we go beyond just products - we are committed to a comprehensive sustainability strategy, ranging from the selection of pollutant-tested, high-quality and recycled materials to environmentally friendly production conditions to climate-neutral packaging solutions and transport options. This means parents can use our products with a clear conscience and be sure that they are not only choosing the best for their children, but also for the environment.

We attach particular importance to first-class production conditions and maintain close partnerships with our suppliers in Germany and China. This includes paying above-average wages, ensuring good working conditions and ensuring the highest product quality, which is confirmed by independent certifications such as the SEDEX Smeta Audit.

The beginning of Lunakind

I am Florian, 34 years old, the founder of Lunakind and I come from northern Germany. I live here with my wife Sarah and my adorable daughter Luna Marie.

For us, sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a principle that runs through everything we do. This belief is also reflected in my job as an energy and sustainability consultant. As an entrepreneur, it was important to me not just to talk about problems, but to actively be the solution. Lunakind is the result of contributing to the creation of sustainable products and offering other families a simple and environmentally friendly alternative.

Our daughter Luna Marie was born in 2021. The joy we felt was overwhelming. At the same time, there were a lot of changes coming our way: Sarah returned to her professional job full-time, while I took the opportunity to take parental leave. I took on most of the care work and also worked as an energy and sustainability consultant. In the midst of this new distribution of roles, the idea for Lunakind emerged.

At the beginning we used disposable diapers ourselves. The result: mountains of garbage accumulated. We thought about the environmental impact and researched what happened to the disposable diapers we used. We were concerned with the question of whether there might be a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option.

The idea was born...

In search of a solution, we tried different cloth diaper systems. We also took advantage of cloth diaper advice. Nevertheless, we couldn't find the right product for us: We were missing a simple product that was flexible and safe at the same time and had an attractive design. I decided to stop looking for suitable cloth diapers and instead make the best cloth diapers for my daughter myself. This is how my journey as founder of Lunakind began.

My vision was to offer parents a simple and sustainable changing option. Inspired by nature and the need for environmentally friendly alternatives, I worked with midwives, cloth diaper consultants and parents to develop a modern cloth diaper system that not only works very easily, but is also super flexible and meets the highest quality standards.

Our name

'Luna' comes from Latin and means 'moon'. 'Kind' is German and somehow obvious, but in English 'kind' also means 'kind and amiable' - the perfect combination. 'Lunakind' also has Hawaiian roots: the term stands for living in the moment, being real and becoming the best version of yourself.

Lunakind: "Back to the roots, living in the moment, being real and becoming the best version of yourself."

Coming soon...

Many thanks to our customers who have accompanied us this far. We appreciate your support. For the year 2024 we have decided to make cloth diapers more popular. We can't wait to further this mission and look forward to unveiling many exciting, sustainable solutions for the world of baby products throughout the year. Lunakind has many more surprises planned and we are excited to continue this exciting journey with our growing community.

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