10 benefits of cloth diapers

Cloth diapering offers great benefits for parents and babies. Here we tell you the 10 biggest advantages of cloth diapers.

1. Only cash is real

Diapers are usually not included in the purchase costs for the initial equipment. But the cost factor is immense: disposable diapers cost you around €2,000. You can be all the more pleased that you can save more than €1,000 in cash with our diapers. You can find a cost comparison here . With cloth diapers, you buy diapers for the entire diaper changing time: That's around 6,000 disposable diapers! To make the investment easier for you, you can easily pay in installments with 0% financing!

2. There Is no Planet B

With cloth diapers you save a lot of waste: In total, that's around 1.5 tons of diaper waste! That corresponds to a mountain of 6,000 disposable diapers. Since a diaper takes around 500 years to completely decompose, you help the environment by using cloth diapers. We also use existing resources in production: the waterproof membrane in our diapers consists of more than 95% recycled materials.

3. Bye, bye poop ashes!

All young parents know it: the poop ashes. Liquid stools cause unpleasant surprises, especially in newborns. You don't have this with cloth diapers: The wide back elastic prevents leaks. In addition, the ergonomic shape of our hemp inserts ensures that liquid stool is caught and quickly absorbed - perfect for smaller babies.

4. Tender, tender, baby bottom

Cloth diapers are better for your baby's delicate skin! Since they are free of chemicals and do not contain superabsorbents, the skin is less irritated and does not dry out as quickly. Another advantage is that cloth diapers are permeable to air. This means more oxygen automatically reaches your baby’s skin.

5. They grow up so quickly

Children who are changed with cloth diapers usually dry faster. This is because they feel the moisture of the diaper. This way they get wetness feedback and notice when they wet their diaper. This feeling is missing from disposable diapers because the superabsorbent absorbs the urine so quickly.

6. No experiments, no chemistry

Disposable diapers contain a superabsorbent. This consists of chemicals and can absorb up to 20x its own volume. Since it has the ability to absorb liquids, it also absorbs the natural moisture of the skin layer. This causes the skin to dry out and become irritated. In contrast, cloth diapers are chemical-free and breathable.

7. What a hip swing, baby!

Cloth diapers are better for hip development. Since they are cut wider in the crotch, they automatically ensure that the legs are in a spread position. This ensures that your baby's hips can develop better.

8. Let's have fun

This is guaranteed: you will have more fun changing diapers! The beautiful designs are addictive. Both you and your child will have favorite diapers and you can involve your child even better in the changing process.

9. Diaper who? We don't know diaper rash!

With cloth diapers, skin irritations occur significantly less often. The breathable membrane of the diapers ensures that enough air gets to the skin. In contrast, the climate in disposable diapers is warm and humid: the temperature in disposable diapers is up to two degrees higher. In addition, contact with urine nourishes the baby's skin in a natural way. What is added to many creams is naturally present here: urea. Urea binds moisture in the upper layer of skin and ensures that the skin remains supple. This means that skin rashes rarely occur with cloth diapers.

10. And babies smell so good!

We all love it: the smell of babies. This also includes the smell of diapers! But do diapers have to stink? No! You won't believe it, but cloth diapers smell less than disposable diapers. Because they are stored in air-permeable wet bags, bacteria cannot multiply as quickly. A wash every 2-3 days ensures that your diapers don't smell.

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